Total Lube Management

Total Lube Management

Total Lube Management

Petrolabs Total Lubrication Management (TLM) an outsourced model, provides trained manpower, continuous oil filtration for critical equipment using Triple R Japan filtration systems, on-site oil testing lab and handles all Lubrication activities by certified technicians.

For Your Equipment

  1. Optimal oil purchases.
  2. Oil life extension and equipment life extension.
  3. Early detection of failures and prompt corrective action.
  4. Reduction in maintenance cost
  5. Reduction in spares replacement cost
  6. Better overall equipment availability (OEE)
  7. Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)

For Your Operations

  1. An effective TLM program leads to optimize the operational cost.
  2. Reduced purchases and maintenance cost reflects well designed TLM program.
  3. An effective analysis, feedback clear path for corrective action
  4. Well-designed contamination control program, oil analysis program and consolidation of reliability cantered maintenance

Salient Features

  • TripleR Japan filtration systems will be installed on critical equipment and maintained by dedicated technicians.
  • ALL-IN-ONE unique system that removes Particles, Sludge, Water and Oxidation Residues simultaneously.
  • All the consumables required for continuous operation are included.
  • Dedicated manpower for all the oil related activities such as oil top ups, oil sample collection, oil filtration system rotation etc.
  • Onsite oil testing lab for continuous monitoring of oil quality.
  • Optional dedicated filtration systems for EH oil maintenance
  • Data management using PETROTRACK
  • Offsite comprehensive oil testing services are included.

Conveniently priced on per liter basis.