Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning Services

Chemical Cleaning with Petrolabs is an efficient, cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils/greases, and other obtrusive contaminants from tainted surfaces.  Our unique process is used for passivation to eliminate fouling, oxidation, process system corrosion, and decontamination of process lines and vessels. Petrolabs uses a unique process that uses acids and passivation agents to remove and clear corrosion and rust from the internal workings of both new and old piping. We initiate this process to prepare metal surfaces prior to the high velocity oil flush service and this step will greatly reduce flushing times on older systems.

Streamline process includes:

  • Degreasing of the entire system
  • Acid flushing services
  • System passivation
  • Neutralization

Chemical Cleaning Process Features:

  • Our process returns the corroded metal in your equipment to a like-new finish
  • We shorten the flushing time on old and corroded system cleaning
  • Our equipment has stainless steel systems and pumps
  • Our team is managed by professional project managers for your satisfaction