Petrolabs India Private Ltd, in association with Spectro Scientific USA introduces our fast growing company. We supply oil, fuel and fluid analysis instruments to the Indian industry and military.

Spectro Scientific’s ( extensive product offerings include spectrometers for wear metal analysis, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers, particle analysis instruments and complete turnkey systems for oil or fuel analysis laboratories, all managed by its SpectroTrack software platform.

Petrolabs specializes in providing onsite oil analysis systems and turnkey onsite laboratories on both a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) and Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) basis serving India and the Middle East using our program “PEtrolabs Analysis Solution” PEAS. Petrolabs, headquartered in Hyderabad, is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company and our laboratory is NABL Accredited as per globally accepted ISO 17025 standard. We do diligent implementation of ASTM, IS, ISO test methods with branches in Bhubaneswar and Mumbai. PEAS offer a choice of different oil test packages as well as additional tests to meet customer requirements and oil analysis reports are managed by PetroTRACK ( on-line report management system. We offer convenience to our customers using our mobile App PEAS for Android and iOS users.

Petrolabs believes in “Education is the Key to Success”. PetroINSTITUTE ( offers in-house/on-site training and consulting services. We offer our customers with training on practical oil analysis and Wear debris monitoring using Analytical Ferrography.

Our in-house lubrication training courses cover most of the body of knowledge required to become certified from ICML or STLE USA for Machinery Lubrication Technician (MLT), Machinery Lubrication Analyst (MLA), Laboratory Lubricant Analyst (LLA), Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) and Certified Lubrication Specialist(CLS) certification exams. We offer wide range of consultancy services in Lubrication such as Lubrication Excellence Audits Aka Lube Audits, Maintenance Excellence Audits and Total Lubrication Management TLM services. With our association from Vibration Institute USA, offer in-house training on vibration analysis and facilitate certification exams for Vibration Institute.

We are the first company in India to offer Reliability training courses and facilitate certification exams for SMRP, USA Certified Maintenance Reliability Technician CMRT and Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional CMRP.

We offer a full range of Spectro Scientific products for demo from our Spectro Scientific Technical Center located in Hyderabad. Petrolabs has factory trained service professionals across all regions in India to offer after sales support, certified consumables/spares for Spectro Scientific Instruments thru PetroCARE.