Metal Working Fluids

Metal Working Fluids

Gulf Emulsil NA Special

Gulf Emulsil NA Special is premium quality emulsifiable metalworking fluid developed for machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is formulated with highly refined base oils, premium quality emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitor and carefully selected specialty additives. Gulf Emulsil NA Special provides excellent surface finish of machined surfaces in operations such as turning, drilling etc, where cooling is more critical parameter.

Gulf Emulsil NT

Gulf Emulsil NT is semi-synthetic water miscible metalworking fluid, which provides excellent cooling and lubricity in machining operations. The emulsion is translucent and homogeneous micro emulsion, which offers a high degree of emulsion stability, corrosion protection, and resistance to microbial growth. It is free from nitrite, phenol, nonyl-phenol, chlorine and heavy metals; as a result, it is not susceptible to health hazard and it is gentle to the environment with respect to disposal.

Gulf Degreaser A

Gulf Degreaser A is a aqueous mild alkaline cleaner concentrate for cleaning and degreasing of machined components, work-in-progress, pre-assembly components, machines, tools, work-shop installations and vehicles to effectively remove soluble and mineral cutting oils, lapping pastes, dye penetrants and other contaminants like grease, resin, wax, insect droppings, leftovers(food) and soot. It is specially designed as a low foaming, liquid spray wash cleaner to give all temperature, all pressure capability on ferrous metals in manufacturing processes. The complete absence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) makes it very environment and operations friendly and also pose no fire and safety hazard.

Gulfcut 26A

Gulfcut 26A is low viscosity chlorinated neat cutting oil. It is specially formulated for finishing operations of a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys. With superior rheological properties, it provides excellent surface finish and has very good chip flushing ability. It is light in colour and has low odour.

Gulfcut 36B

Gulfcut 36B is neat cutting oil formulated with lubricity additive. This product is ideally suited for heavy duty, high speed and load conditions. The synergy of lubricity additive and chlorinated EP additives imparts protection to work-piece over a broad range of operating conditions. It is light in colour and odour-less in nature.

Gulfcut 36C

Gulfcut 36C is chlorinated neat cutting oil formulated with lubricity additives, which reduce tool wear and improve machinability. This product is suitable for light to moderate operations over wide range of metallurgy. Additionally, this oil can be used for lubrication of machine tool itself.

Gulfcut 36D

Gulfcut 36D is chlorinated neat cutting oil fortified with oiliness additive. This product is designed to use in moderately severe machining operations. The product is treated with natural fragrance to ensure wider acceptability at work place. This product can be used for work-pieces with wide range of metallurgy.

Gulfcut 49A

Gulfcut 49A is sulphurised mineral oil based cutting fluid recommended for moderate to severe cutting applications. Extremely effective extreme pressure additive chemistry protects tool and work-piece from severe conditions encountered during tough and arduous machining conditions; lighter oil colour enables the operator to monitor the operation closely. This oil is ideal for tough to machine metals such as nickel and stainless steel.

Gulfcut 49B

Gulfcut 49B is heavy duty Chlorine free neat cutting oil formulated with extreme pressure additive. This oil is suitable for machining of ferrous alloys of even low machinability. It is formulated with special chemistry to provide longer tool life and to prevent rupture of cutting tool due to impact load and jerk.

Gulfcut 49C

Gulfcut 49C is mineral oil based cutting fluid fortified with active sulfur type anti-weld additive. This oil gives improved oxidation and corrosion resistance over commonly used fatty oils used for similar applications. The oil gives good performance even when working with a range of tough steels. The oil is light in colour and transparent in nature to permit close inspection by machine operators.

Gulfcut 56A

Gulfcut 56A is premium quality neat cutting oil developed for severe machining operations. This product is formulated with extreme-pressure additives to protect tool and work-piece over a wide range of operating conditions. This oil is formulated with specially treated base oils with less sensitivity to the skin in case of incidental contact to the operator.

Gulfcut 56B

Gulfcut 56B is medium viscosity neat cutting oil formulated with highly refined, high viscosity index base oils and high quality lubricity and extreme pressure additives. This product can be used in wide range of machining operations. Its in-active type of sulphur chemistry does not allow staining of tool and work-piece and oiliness additive reduces friction between rack face of cutting tool and work-piece without forming deposits on the surfaces.

Gulfcut 59A

Gulfcut 59A is a premium quality compounded sulphurized mineral fatty oil ideal for tough machining job. It is low viscosity oil containing special lubricity agent to provide extra cutting assistance. It is free from chlorine and heavy metals. It is well balanced with Extreme Pressure additive and lubricity agent to prevent damage to tool and work-piece due to shock loading at the same time providing excellent surface finish. It allows high rate of metal removal thus saves time in machining.

Gulfcut 59D

Gulfcut 59D is heavy duty neat cutting oil meant for severe machining operations. This product is formulated with active type extreme pressure additive to protect tool and work-piece even under severe conditions during machining operations. The oil provides better lubrication and excellent cooling at tool-chip interface

Gulfcut 69A

Gulfcut 69A is chlorinated neat cutting oil formulated with active-sulphur type additives to provide protection to work-piece and cutting tools. Being a low viscosity oil, it provides excellent cooling during high speed operations and facilitates easy removal of swarf. Hence, it becomes ideal choice for the operations such as deep hole drilling where chip flushing ability is very critical. It is fortified with chlorinated additive to provide surface protection over a wide range of operating conditions

Gulfcut 79A

Gulfcut 79A is low viscosity neat cutting oil formulated with combination of extreme pressure additives to make it suitable for wide operational range. The oil provides excellent surface finish to work-pieces even with complex geometry and intricate shapes. The oil is resistant to rancidity thus provides longer sump life and oil change period.

Gulf Cut 79C

Gulf Cut 79C is active sulfur type neat cutting oil is suitable for extremely wide range of operations and are particularly suitable in difficult applications where surface finish is of extreme importance and when machining and grinding stainless steels, alloyed steels, heat resistant or austenitic steels and aluminium or magnesium alloys. These are formulated with highly refined base oils, oiliness agents and compounded with active sulfur and chlorinated EP additives. The excellent load-carrying and antiweld properties allow high rates of metal removal with resultant savings in machining costs with the use of Gulf Cut 79C. This oil provides good tool life and excellent surface finish of the machined surfaces even in arduous operations like broaching, deep hole drilling, tapping, shaping or shaving of gears. Due to active sulfur in Gulf Cut 79C there is a risk of staining of yellow metals like copper, brass, etc.

Gulfcut 79D

Gulfcut 79D is ideal machining oil for arduous machining operations involving difficult to machine metals. The appropriate viscosity enables the oil to maintain film between rubbing surfaces even in severe machining operations. It can work well in the conditions, where most of the other oil categories fail. Anti-mist property of oil keeps the environment clean and at the same time reduces oil loss.

Gulfcut 86A

Gulfcut 86A is low viscosity general purpose machining oil and it can be used for machine-tool lubrication as well. This oil is light in colour and additised with anti-mist additives. The resistance to misting exhibited by the oil combined with its superior lubricity makes it an ideal choice for a variety of light duty operations.

Gulfcut 86B

Gulfcut 86B is anti-mist light coloured general purpose machining cum spindle oil. Being a non-staining oil, it can be used for work-pieces of wide range of metallurgy. The anti-mist property of this oil combined with lubricity makes it suitable for variety of general machining operations.

Gulfcut 91A

Gulfcut 91A is low viscosity neat cutting oil, imparting high lubricity and extremely good thermal stability. This product is particularly suitable for operations requiring high precision like honing. Gulfcut 91A has special additives, which give excellent surface finish on machining of hard to machine metals. This also can be used for super-finishing operations using stones in place of tapes. Carefully selected additive technology does not allow sulphur-leaching of the work-piece.

Gulfcut 91B

Gulfcut 91B is light viscosity honing oil with excellent lubricity and very good chip flushing ability. This product is particularly suitable for super-finishing operations such as honing, boring and light turning. Its high degree of fluidity imparts excellent chip flushing ability and maintains dimensional accuracy of tools and work-piece. It is formulated with high performance components to have good filterability and longer product life.

Gulfcut 91C

Gulfcut 91C is low viscosity honing oil suitable for high speed honing operations particularly for honing of high carbon as well as hard chrome steel. It is additised with chlorine and lubricity additives to provide protection of hones even under severe conditions, in addition to making it suitable for wide range of finishing operations.

Gulfcut 91D

Gulfcut 91D is neat cutting oil suitable for wide range of super-finishing operations. It is fortified with lubricity additives to provide high degree of surface finish. Presence of chlorine provides protection to hones and work-piece even under high pressure and load. It is formulated with highly refined base oils to provide long life to the finished oil.

Gulfcut DPO

Gulfcut DPO is multi-purpose oil, which can be used in machining operations as well as in hydraulic applications of machine tools. The oil has been specially formulated with selected base-stocks and performance additives to provide anti-wear characteristics in-line with the requirement of hydraulic oil and to impart superior performance in machining operations.

Gulf Emulsil HD

Gulf Emulsil HD is heavy duty emulsifiable metalworking fluids fortified with extreme pressure additives for heavy duty machining operations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is formulated with highly refined base oils and carefully selected emulsifier and corrosion protection additives. Gulf Emulsil HD imparts high degree of tool protection and better surface finish of machined surfaces even in arduous machining operations.

Gulf Emulsil NA

Gulf Emulsil NA is emulsifiable metalworking fluid suitable for moderate machining operations such turning, drilling and milling. It is formulated with high quality emulsifier that does now allow emulsion to separate even with water of high hardness. It also incorporates special biocide to increase life of the fluids besides preventing unpleasant odor due to microbial growth. It is environmental friendly as it is free from nitrite, phenol, nonyl phenol and heavy metals.