OSCA Series

OSCA Series

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    OSCA Series



    • Off-line bypass oil cleaners for high flow rates and for large tank volumes. Based on the SS-series filter housings.
    • Ideal for:
      • Maintenance service activities.
      • Very large oil volumes up to 50.000 litres.
      • High viscosity oil.
    • Effectively removes all the particles that are usually very difficult to remove with conventional filters and performs a total cleaning of the oil by removing solid particles, absorbing water and eliminating sludge and other oil oxidation residues.
    • All systems are fully equipped and come with a washable metal suction filter, control gauges, a control panel with on/off switch and a drain tap.
    • Standard units have a flow range from 6 lit/min up to >60 lit/min, and can be suitable for very large oil volumes (>50.000 litres).
    • Optional equipment: timer, automatic drain function, Quicktoron air removal.

    Typical applications

    • Large volume systems.
    • Lube systems and high viscosity systems.
    • Perfect for service flushing and for cleaning fresh oil when (re-)filling a hydraulic system.
    • Hydraulic testing lines.
    • Heavy industrial press.

    NEW OSCA-EXCEL i-Series

    Triple R Europe introduces the new OSCA-EXCEL Mobile Filter Rigs with built-in contamination monitoring

    The Osca-Excel series has following features:

    • Built-in particle monitor = MEASURE ON-THE-SPOT = NO GUESSING anymore – NO WAITING for oil analysis lab reports! This is an important advantage because now maintenance technicians can check about the contamination level on-the-spot, and act accordingly.
    • Quicktoron air bubble remover – improves and increases filtration efficiency and accuracy.
    • Automatic drain function – element change without oil spill.
    • TIP: recommended cleanliness levels.

    Technical specifications (flow rates are adjusted to oil type and viscosity)

    Replacement filter elements

    Model key

    Above mentioned models are our standard models. Contact your local distributor for custom made solutions. Examples of additional features:

    • Additional first step pre-filters (10 to 50 micron)
    • Quicktoron air bubble remover.
    • Pre-heaters in case of high viscosity oil.
    • Water glycol version.