PetroNAS 1000

PetroNAS 1000

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    PetroNAS 1000

    Online Particle Counter

    Affordable, Accurate Analysis

    A must have device for your crtical equipment & filtration systems

    Perolabs brings you the latest technology for contamination control for your equipment. This can be mounted online/offline. The Petro NAS 1000 particle counter comes with archiving & trending software providing a cost effective analysis solution.


    Perfect for proactive maintenance and on-line monitoring, the Petro NAS1000 is a continuous particle counter with instant LED readout, computer inter- face and trending software. It is simple to use, low cost and can be used as an alarm to notify you of any changes in contamination levels. It is also ideal for plotting ISO cleanliness trends with accuracy at +/- 0.5 an ISO code, the Petro NAS1000 utilises the exact same laser particle counting technol- ogy found in more expensive laboratory particle counting equipment. The Petro NAS1000 can be used to trigger alarms or operation of filtration systems.

    The Petro NAS1000 provides early warning sign for:

    • Rise in contamination
    • Water ingress
    • Component wear
    • Oil oxidation
    • Filter and seal failure
    • Cavitation


    • Particle counting with LED readout
    • Computer software for archiving data & trends
    • Can be installed on all of our Fuel or Oil Filtration Units Cost Effective
    • Accuracy is +/- 0.5 of an ISO code
    • Also available as a portable system


    • Low cost and compact Highly accurate Robust design
    • Ideal for fluid cleanliness trending
    • Alarm indication with relay for controlling systems
    • Real time analysis of fluid cleanliness – ISO, SAE & NAS

    Petro NAS1000- Technical Specifications