SpectroVisc Q3000

SpectroVisc Q3000

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    SpectroVisc Q3000

    SpectroVISC Q3000 Series is temperature controlled, portable kinematic viscometer


    The SpectroVisc Q3000 series viscometers are the first truly portable, solvent-free, temperature-controlled kinematic viscometers, providing high-accuracy measurements for easy detection of viscosity variations caused by contamination, mix-up and oil degradation. The devices were designed to determine kinematic viscosity at 40C in the field for applications where immediate results are essential for determining the health of critical equipment

    Principle of Operation

    SpectroVisc Q3000 viscometers use a patented split cell design that enables measurement of kinematic viscosity using only a few drops (60µL) of oil. When closed, the center pieces of the split cell form a funnel with 100 micron gap allowing oil to flow down by gravity. Sensors along the funnel are triggered when oil flows by and flow time between two sensors is measured. The kinematic viscosity is then calculated. When opened, the split cell can be easily cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaning pad and ready for next sample. The split cell is controlled at 40C throughout the measurement.

    The test time is proportional to viscosity, ranging from a few seconds to several minutes. The cleanliness of oil or color has no impact of the viscosity result.

    Features & Benefits

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    Combination Kits

    The SpectroVisc units compliment nicely with other portable oil analysis tools. They are all battery operated and require no solvent to clean.

    Viscometer/FerroCheck Combination Kit

    A quick check with viscosity and ferrous particle concentration in the field is the simplest way to make sure oil is good and machine wear is within alarm limits. With FerroCheck 2000, users can quickly check ferrous particle concentration up to 1%. It is a complimentary device to the SpectroVisc Q3000 and together they provide basic oil analysis needs for field service professionals.

    Fluidscan/Viscometer Combination Kit

    Fluidscan and Viscometer combination provides comprehensive oil condition to field service and lubricant service professionals. Fluidscan handheld InfraRed Oil Analyzer utilizes InfraRed spectroscopy to test oil chemistry, including Oxidation, Nitrition, Sulfation, Total Acid Number, Total Base Number, Water. The combination are deployed widely in marine vessels, power generation plants, and mining sites.