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Why Petrolabs

Ultra Clean Sample Bottles

Petrolabs embraces innovation. We use revolutionary ultra clean vacuum device UCVD ( as part of our sample collection process for critical equipment and this will ensure true operating conditions for your sample testing.

Quality of Analysis

An effective oil analysis program eliminates the guesswork. Petrolabs delivers quality in our testing procedures gaining ISO 17025 accreditation.

Fast & Accurate

With Petrolabs, you can be confident that you are testing with a laboratory that knows the oil in your equipment better than anyone. Your results are available as soon as the tests are complete. More than 85% of the samples we process daily are returned to the customer within 48 hours with detailed analysis and recommendations.

Reports Reviewed by Experts

Petrolabs is the company in India with certified Lubrication Analysts from STLE and ICML USA. Your reports are reviewed prior to publishing ensuring a level expert support/ Interpretation that is unmatched in the Industry.

PetroTRACK - Online Report Management System & PEAS mobile App

We are the first company in India to offer online access and mobile Apps for reports management. The reports can help you to schedule your maintenance activities and address the issues with bottlenecks in turnaround time.

Innovative and Customer Dirven

Petrolabs can provide practical training and a reliability partner you can depend on. Innovative thinking, customer-driven solutions and a practical approach to maintenance management.

Petrolabs is a full-service oil analysis laboratory. We test all types of lubricants, fuels, oils and coolant