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Lubrication Assessments

The 20 step lubrication assessment is designed to locate deficiencies in your lubrication programs that may be shortening your equipment life. 50% of all bearing and rotating equipment failures result from lubrication related issues. The audit will identify deficiencies in your current program and provide a report to guide the improvement process.  The Lubrication assessment alone can help identify problems and get you on the path to longer equipment life.

All assessments come with a written audit report that will identify deficiencies and design a path to improvement. Lubrication Excellence training after the audit is the next logical step for the improvement process.


By understanding your lubrication program weaknesses a plan can be develop to correct them. From this audit training programs from the lubrication excellence training can be customized for your plant.


4 hours to 8 hours based on plant size for audit. Full written report within 24 hours.