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Lubrication Excellence Training

In the manufacturing world many failures happen to our process equipment. Most we have control over and very few just happen. We often say, “Well that piece of equipment just wore out”. Is this a true statement?

Most equipment just wears out alright, but it’s mostly because we let it wear out. The mission of Petrolabs is to show you methods and processes to help you keep your equipment operating much longer.

Lack of knowledge on lubrication causes around 50% of all equipment failures and shortens the life of our equipment by another 50%. Depending on the type of process conditions your plant operates under equipment life can be extended 3 to 8 times

Petrolabs Lubrication Excellence training program will guide your organization in the right direction to educate and improve your methods to make the right decisions. We offer many options on training programs to fit the busy schedules of your business. The following pages outline the different programs available.

Facility Lubrication Audit

Petrolabs will perform a one day audit at your facility to determine where your weaknesses may be. This audit will look at these areas and submit a report outlining the areas to bring your operation to a level of excellence. In my experience very few plants have lubrication procedures in place that are actually extending the life of the equipment to many times its expected life. The act of lubricating and adding/changing oil is just the tip of the iceberg in adding 2-5 times the life to your equipment.

After the audit the following training can be completed to bring your personnel the knowledge to start extending equipment life. Don’t wait too long to gain this valuable service and training to make you more competitive.

4-hour Lubrication Training Program:

1.The basics of Lubrication

2. Lubrication Failure Modes

a. Moisture

b. Foreign Materia

c. Temperature

3. Understanding lubricating oil terminology

4.Understanding greases

5. Housekeeping standards

6. Understanding Lubricating oil terminology

7. Basic’s of greases

a. Types

b. Applications

c. Motor greasing

d. Handling

8. Lubrication Storage

9. Lubrication Filtration

10. Housekeeping Standards

Full Day Lubrication Training Program:

Training on how long a bearing should last includes

1. What is Lubrication Excellence

2. Functions of Lubricating Oil

3. Failure Modes Lubricants

Participant will receive:

  • Course Handbook including all slides
  • Reliable Process Solutions Lubrication Handbook
  • Oil Analysis Handbook
  • Guide on starting your Lubrication Excellence Program
  • 100 Failure Modes of Lubrication and Lubrication Programs Handbook