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TLM Consultancy

TOTAL LUBRICATION MANAGEMENT, TLM focus on areas which may provide the greatest opportunities to minimize repairs, lower operating costs, increase uptime, production and create a cleaner, greener facility.

However, this term is often misused/handled/implemented in India causing great deal to company critical assets both in terms of reliability and financial loss. Common areas of concerns are

  • Usage of non compatible/inadequate filtration systems to maintain ISO codes
  • Usage of poor quality equipment
  • Test instruments and test methods used to confirm “fit for use” lubricants
  • Reclamation of used lubricant ( often claimed as savings for year end calculations)
  • Lack of lubrication best practices expertise

Petrolabs specialists offer TLM consultancy services to help the customers
  • Assist in Lubrication Excellence Assessment
  • Assist in Identifying the critical equipment
  • Assist in identifying the filtration systems and review their performance
  • In choosing the right company for your TLM program
Review and assess the current TLM program