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CONSULTING SERVICES - Sampling Point Identification

Sampling Point Identification

Your oil analysis is only as good as the representative sample you collect. Collecting a representative sample ensures that it best represents the equipment condition.

Petrolabs certified engineer are well versed in identifying primary and secondary sampling points to show the health of the overall equipment and its individual components allowing you to isolate issues and react accordingly.

If your oil analysis program is not yielding results, let Petrolabs engineers assist you in identifying the right sampling point for your critical equipment.
  • If you’re looking to prevent machine failure, enhance machine performance and gain a competitive edge, Petrolabs oil Analysis Solution (PEAS) evaluation will provide a detailed examination of your current program. Your oil analysis program is only as good as its architecture, taking a one-test-fits-all approach will result in wasteful spending and data that has no real value.
  • Petrolab will review your current oil analysis program and make insightful recommendations based on the type of equipment, the lubricant in use, and the operating environment, to name a few.