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Fuel Testing - Aviation Fuel Testing

Aviation Fuel Testing

Modern jet aircraft require high quality fuel in order for the engines to provide optimum performance and safe flight.

Petrolab offers comprehensive testing for the Aviation Testing.

  • Engine oil testing
  • Gearbox oil testing
  • Hydraulic fluid analysis
  • Fuel analysis including microbiological contamination
  • Magnetic Chip Detector (MCD) debris analysis
  • Scanning electron microscopy (detailed surface analysis)
  • Filter analysis
  • Grease testing
  • Water testing
Our basic aviation fuel test package helps determine whether your fuel meets standard ASTM D specifications. Our long-term storage package helps predict your products remaining service life and product cleanliness as well as meeting aviation fuel specifications

Petrolab offers two packages for aviation fuel testing - PEAS – Basic AeroCheck and PEAS –Advance AeroCheck