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PetroTRACK Data Management

PetroTRACK Features & Functionality

PetroTRACK takes oil analysis program management software to significantly improved levels of performance with powerful report management features and functionality for your critical equipment. Keep sampling on track, monitor large sets of oil analysis data with just a few keystrokes, and take maintenance action before small issues become costly problems.

With Petrolabs reporting application PetroTRACK – condition-based maintenance can save valuable wrench time, increase asset reliability, extend equipment life and make a true difference in a company’s bottom line.

Manage Sample Reports

Search sample data by multiple equipment parameters and download, print or email to others


Graph trends in abnormal test results; compare performance and chart sample condition among component types

User Administration

User roles are defined by permissions which determine what individual users can and cannot do in PEAXpress

System Filters and Communications

User preferences determine how and when information is received, how it’s displayed and how you can communicate it with others.