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Minilab Software

Oilview Complete Software For Minilab

Oil analysis provides early indications of equipment wear and identifies the root causes of corrosion. On-site oil analysis eliminates the wait associated with sending samples off-site and enables immediate decision making. Oilview is the ideal software for all minilab versions, oilview is the truelink between oil data acquisition and reliability management.

Oilview software is a unique software to run the minilab, store and analyze data, report to lubrication team, generate trend, alarms,... One innovation of oilview is to summarize oil data into a trivector containing color coded levels for Chemistry, contamination, wear...

Trivector™ – oil and machine health simplified

The TriVector™ is a simple representation of the integrity of the lubrication system and the health of the machine itself. The Trivector indicates the degree of health in each vector. Each vector is a representation of Alarm Limits based on underlying parameters, such as viscosity, water contamination, acid number, oxidation, total ferrous, particle count and ISO code, large ferrous particle count, etc. In order to understand the Trivector condition, one must measure the key physical and chemical parameters of the oil.

The following questions can be answered:


  • User oil and reference Database
  • Instruments running
  • Analysis parameters
  • Alarm and alert configuration
  • Reporting