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MiniLab 33

Viscosity, Chemistry & Ferrous Wear

Early identification and trending of machinery wear and failure modes allows maintenance before catastrophic failure occurs.Oil analysis complements vibration,thermography and other predictive technologies it increases confidence in decision to remove machinery from service.

With three simple tests, the MiniLab 33 delivers comprehensive on-site oil analysis, providing immediate actionable results, saving time and reducing costs. Highlights of this system include:

  • One product, delivering lab-quality analysis outside of the lab
  • Simplified workflow for the non-expert user, no chemist required
  • Simplified data handling and report interpretation via OilView and Trivector reporting

MiniLab 33 (FluidScan, Viscometer and FerroCheck Combo)

  • Basic Trivector™ MiniLab configuration that tests oil condition (Oxidation, TAN) with InfraRed
  • Spectroscopy (FluidScan), Kinemetic viscosity @ 40C, liquid contamination (moisture) and ferrous content for abnormal wear. It is ideal for small- to medium-sized industrial or power plants looking to start an on-site oil analysis program.