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INDUSTRIES - Cement Industry


The lubrication of plant in the cement industry offers some quite unique challenges. It is not so much the type of equipment that is the issue in this industry but the environment in which these items of plant are operating. Conveyors are driven by reduction gearboxes which would normally use high viscous oils. Gearboxes and bearings are also found in the numerous crushers that are located in the Infeed section of the quarry but suffer the same issues as for the conveyors in terms of dust. Crusher gearboxes, bearings benefit greatly from regular oil analysis can save a great deal of money in respect of unplanned downtime, and the associated costs of lost production.

Silicon Doesn't Always Mean Dirt and Spectrometric (wear metal) analysis can give greater death in to the progression wear at early stages.

There are many open gears associated with a cement plant, perhaps in Ball Mills as well as Rotary Kilns. The bearings used in the clinker crusher are spherical roller bearings. These bearings are lubricated with a lithium complex thickened grease with a synthetic base oil designed for high-temperature applications. Wear debris analysis on this equipment can have greater benefits.

Critical Equipment In A Cement Plant

  • Crusher
  • Raw Mill
  • Ball Mill
  • Clinker
  • Hydraulics
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Coolers

Typical Oil Analysis Tests For Cement Plants

  • Water
  • Chemistry such as TAN, TBN Oxidation
  • Viscosity
  • Contamination/Particle Count
  • Wear such as concentration of wear metals
  • Ferrous Counts
  • Particle shape, size, Composition and morphology
  • Analytical Ferrography

Possible Solutions

  • MiniLab 23
  • MiniLab 33
  • MiniLab 53
  • MiniLab 153
  • T2FM

Possible Solutions