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EzSampler/ Oil Sampling Made Easy

EzSampler/ Oil Sampling Made Easy

Proper sampling is the key for an effective oil analysis program. It starts with proper sampling techniques and clean sample bottles.

Are you tired of messy oil spills, sampling pumps and contamination?

Petrolabs produly introduces revolutionary EZSampler -Ultra Clean Vaccuum device for easy and clean sampling


  • Capacity - 100 ml
  • Viscosity – Any range
  • Temperature - 85°C max
  • Cleanliness -ISO 11/9/4, NAS 1
  • US Patent - 8.973.448
  • Canadian Patent - 2.767.956



pre-charged vacuum eliminates need for additional sampling tools


draws almost any viscosity quickly


prevents oil spillage during sampling


virtually hands-free sampling


avoids potential environment cross-contamination

Ultra Clean Vacuum Device Technology proudly made in Italy by Mecoil

More details visit or for UCVD

Includes shipping charges within India

Box of 12 EzSampler & tubing – Rs.1500/-

Box of 25 EzSampler & tubing – Rs. 2500/-