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MiniLab is a comprehensive oil analysis lab for industrial plants and power plants.With simple tests the MiniLab delivers on-site oil analysis.


For fleet maintenance in mining, oil & gas exploration and transportation industries, MicroLab 30/40 is fully automated on-site oil analyzer.


SpectrOil Series is precision bench top RDE-OES elemental analyzer for lubricants, fuel, coolants and water.


LaserNet 200 Series is a precise and comprehensive particle analyzer for lubricants and fuels, featuring worlds best particle analyzing technology.


Battery-powered portable oil analyzer provides direct quantitative measurement of a lubricant condition, contamination and wear.


Oil In Water, and Biofuel Analyzers.The InfraCal 2 Analyzer is a compact, lightweight and battery operated.


Turnkey Lab

Result Proven Options Your Choice, We configure the laboratory and manage on a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) or Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis. Complete Testing/Results/Interpretation all on-site by Petrolabs Certified Analysts.


Get started today! You can become an ICML Certified Oil Analyst or VI Institute certified Vibration Analyst or CMRT certified in only 4 days. Providing certifications on Lubrication, Oil Analysis, Vibration and Reliability.

Maintenance & Support

Petrolabs is committed to working with our customers and to support their instruments and maintenance requirements. We have highly experienced support experts & the highest quality instruments for used oil and fuel analysis markets.

industries we help

Power generating plants with inadequate maintenance programs will invariably be unable to compete in today's very competitive industry. For this reason, power plants are implementing a variety of technologies to reduce the costs of maintenance and to increase plant reliability and efficiency

Oil analysis can be a very effective tool in determining its condition. Even though the primary focus should be on monitoring for wear, determining the condition of the oil through analysis is still important. By analyzing the oil it is possible to establish the oil's condition and its ability to continue protecting the equipment. An oil analysis program will indicate any changes in viscosity, oxidation and depletion of additives in the oil. It will also show if any contaminants are present.


The lubrication of plant in the cement industry offers some quite unique challenges. It is not so much the type of equipment that is the issue in this industry but the environment in which these items of plant are operating. Conveyors are driven by reduction gearboxes which would normally use high viscous oils.

Gearboxes and bearings are also found in the numerous crushers that are located in the Infeed section of the quarry but suffer the same issues as for the conveyors in terms of dust. Crusher gearboxes, bearings benefit greatly from regular oil analysis can save a great deal of money in respect of unplanned downtime, and the associated costs of lost production

Pulp & Paper

In the pulp and paper industry, water, heat, steam and dust put even the best lubrication products and procedures to the test. You need your machines to deliver continuously. And with paper machinery operating at speeds over 2,000 m/min and steam temperatures exceeding 200°C, your equipment is under a lot of pressure.

For pulp and paper companies the drying roll is at the heart of production and downtime can cost many thousands of dollars an hour for larger facilities. Consequently the oil-wetted machinery, in a paper rolling machine, consisting primarily of gears and bearings is of critical importance.


Machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become an important, if not mandatory, maintenance practice for many manufacturing companies producing all sorts of products. An effective oil analysis program will keep your equipment running through effective condition monitoring of oil wetted components.

Oil analysis and fluid testing is critical to a manufacturing plant’s production when equipment critical to operations is expensive to replace and failures that shut down production prove costly.


Today’s refineries operate 24/7. Enhanced equipment reliability, improved maintenance scheduling and planned maintenance are all part of a world class condition monitoring program through oil sampling.

Industrial and Petrochemical Oil Analysis protects the critical, specialized equipment used in chemical manufacturing processes and ensures that demanding production schedules are met and profits are secured


Equipment in this industry is frequently exposed to severe environmental and working conditions. An effective oil analysis program will help to identify component failures before they occur.Routinely monitoring fluid and component condition with oil analysis, coolant analysis and fuel analysis can save valuable time and thousands of dollars in lost production.

Routinely monitoring fluid and component condition with oil analysis, coolant analysis and fuel analysis can save valuable time and thousands of dollars in lost production.


Oil analysis and fluids testing for automotive is critical. Whether over-the-road or captive, these trucks are on tight schedules with constant pressure to make deliveries safely and on time. Short or long hauls with heavy loads can wreak havoc on engine components.

Routine oil analysis monitors the condition of both the lubricant (contamination) and individual machine components (wear). Coolant analysis monitors changes in coolant properties, due to chemical reactions occurring within the cooling system, before they escalate to failure. It also identifies coolant mixing and deficiencies in cooling system maintenance practices.

Railway & Transportation

Oil analysis, coolant analysis and fluids testing for buses and commercial and commuter trains is critical to their safe and reliable operation, and to keep them running on time around the clock.

Monitoring the lubricants, coolants and fuels these systems use with oil analysis, coolant analysis and fuel analysis ensures peak performance and extends equipment life and reliability.

Why Petro Labs
  • Petrolabs specializes in providing onsite oil analysis systems and turnkey onsite laboratories on both a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) and Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) basis serving India and the Middle East using our program “PEtrolabs Analysis Solution” PEAS.
  • Petrolabs, headquartered in Hyderabad, is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company and our laboratory is NABL Accredited as per globally accepted ISO 17025 standard.
  • We do diligent implementation of ASTM, IS, ISO test methods with branches in Bhubaneswar and Mumbai. Through, Petrolabs Institute of Reliability provides training, certification ,consultancy services on Lubrication Excellence Audits, TLM Audits, Practical Oil Analysis, Ferrography, Vibration and Machine Reliability. We provide our customers with after sales support in training and maintenance requirements

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Petrolabs India, in association with Spectro Scientific USA presents products for demo @ Exclusive Spectro Scientific Technical Center in Hyderabad.
We supply oil, fuel and fluid analysis instruments to the Indian industry and Military.

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